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You know that feeling when you fell in love?

For me it happened while stargazing. Nothing crazy or eventful. It was just me and my person, curled up in the grass on a freezing cold October night, with one sleeping bag and thermos of hot chocolate (which he brought of course because he’s always prepared and I’m not). And we talked and laughed the night away. And looking at him I realized I didn’t want to be with anyone else.

That moment is etched in our history. I don’t have a photo of it, but it was the feeling I’ll never forget. And the beginning of all the countless feelings and moments that passed before and since then.

That’s what I aim to capture with photography—how moments feel. The vibes. The intangible, unspoken, unscripted things that happen and transport you right back to where you were in that moment in time. The little details that come together to make your story.

When I say I’m an adventure photographer, I don’t just mean that we have to be standing on an epic mountaintop or hiking 5 miles to a remote location in the desert (although I’m certainly down for both of those things). I mean that love is an adventure, and I’m down for the ride.

The best part is that it’s your adventure, and completely unique to you. It has its ups and downs and inbetweens, the quiet moments and the loud ones, the ones that ultimately lead to your love and where you are today.

Don’t let just anyone tell your story. Photographers are everywhere, and you can always find a budget deal or someone who will show up with a camera. But I want to be so much more than that. Trust me to capture the start of your great love story, and I promise that looking back through the photos, you’ll remember how those moments felt for years to come.

So if you’re ready for your greatest adventure, let’s tell your love story together. I promise it’s worth it.


Engagements, Anniversary, Honeymoon, Formals, + Day After Shoots

• An evening of shooting, hiking, and exploring
• Minimum of 50 edited, high resolution color and b&w images
• Online image gallery + digital download
• Print release
• Travel fees may apply, contact me for details



Adventurous + Intimate Elopements

• 4 hours elopement coverage
• Minimum of 200 edited, high resolution color and b&w images
• Online image gallery + digital download
• Print release
• Travel fees may apply, contact me for details

Starting at $2500


Local + destination wedding packages

• 6 hours wedding coverage
• Minimum 300 edited, high resolution color + b&w images
• Online image gallery + digital download
• Print release
• Travel fees may apply, contact me for details

Starting at $3500

Do you travel for shoots and weddings?

Yes! I'm based in Utah, but travel is what I live for. So no matter where in the world you live, reach out. I have special deals and offers for people who take me to places on my bucket list, and I'm happy to customize the perfect package just for you.

What time of day do you prefer to shoot?

My favorite time of day to shoot is golden hour and blue hour (about an hour before and after sunset). We'll get that coveted warm, golden light, as well as the beautiful blue and pink tones of the sky after sunset.

How can I access my photos after you edit them?

I use a platform called Pixieset which allows me to send you a high resolution online gallery which you can use to mark and download your favorite photos, and then send them to all your family and friends. You have full printing rights to all your photos as well. I recommend printing your photos using Artifact Uprising.

What should I expect when working with you?

I love to capture you just how you are, and I have a gift for making people feel comfortable. No matter how awkward you might think you are (trust me, I get it), we'll make sure we get those unplanned, unposed photos with just the right amount of direction so you know what to do. I'll usually have you make a playlist with your favorite songs so we can jam to your favorites while we shoot.

I especially love exploring new, beautiful places, and really interacting with the scenery. Be prepared to climb a few rocks, step into the ocean, get your boots dirty, and have a blast.

I read something about a bucket list offer, how does that work?

We live on such a beautiful planet, and I want to see as much of it as I can! I have a list of international countries I've been dying to explore. Book an elopement or adventure shoot in a place on my list, and only pay for travel fees (flight + Airbnb). Extra photos and shoot time applies to in-state bucket list locations as well. See my travel page for specifics and feel free to reach out if you have somewhere new in mind! I add locations to my list all the time.

Do you backup your photos?

Absolutely. I backup photos in 4+ locations before they are delivered to you to ensure that nothing happens to them.